Counselling: Is offered to children (age 8 years and above), young people, adults and couples who have an issue that they feel short term counselling or more long-term psychotherapy would help them with. Therapy can be provided in the counselling room, online or by telephone as Majella is qualified to deliver counselling through all these means. In order for clients to avail of online counselling they can download an app on their mobile or computer which Majella can provide guidance with if required. Counselling can be offered for various issues as outlined in the home page.

Personal Therapy: Can be provided to trainee or qualified therapists providing their Training School’s criteria is met.

Consultation: A single Consultation can be provided to parents/primary carer about their child on request. Following Consultation, suggestions aimed at meeting their child’s needs would be provided for the parents/primary carers to consider when counselling is not deemed to be appropriate for their child.

To self-refer for any of the above please look at the contact page on details on how to self-refer.